We also developed our KEK-P0500 screw press for the continuous cold pressing of oil seeds, for example sunflower seed, rapeseed, sesame seed, maize germ, flax seed, jojoba seed or Jatropha curcas seed. This heavy-duty machine is also suitable for a continuous 24-hour operation. A high-Quality  SEW Eurodrive gearbox ensures a consistently high product quality even over long production times. The extremely robust design promises a long service life even under adverse conditions and that is why hundreds of customers worldwide have relied on this proven model for years or even decades. The cold  pressing is suitable for the production of organic, unrefined end products. The press cake and the oil are used in the food industry, as high-quality fodder, in the cosmetics or pharmaceutical industries or as fuel.

The KEK-P0500 is used in large de-centralised systems. The high throughput per hour ensures a high-quality and efficient working. The robust design guarantees a long service life even in 24-hour operation.


Screw press Type P0500
Capacity kg/hour, approx. 500
Drive Motor kW 22
Net weight kg, approx. 4043
Gross weight kg, approx. 4280
Crate volume m³, approx. 13,1
Crate dimensions mm B, approx. 4060
mm H, approx. 2060
mm T, approx. 1590